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    Multi-Dimensional Benefits of Advanced Energy Healing

    I am a certified Brennan Healing Science practitioner, with a four year professional degree in Advanced Energy Healing, a precise and specialized form of energetic healing that promotes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.


    This powerful yet gentle modality uses hands-on healing techniques to connect with the human energy field, which is the electromagnetic field which surrounds the body.


    Advanced Energy Healing :

    ~Clears old emotional blocks
    ~Releases chronic pain
    ~Aligns you with your deepest intentions
    ~Reenergizes you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually


    Read more about your unique advanced energy healing session here.

    Future of Healthcare


    Health is a state of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing that flourishes under an integrative approach to wholeness.


    Major medical centers are investing time, talent and resources to create Integrative Centers of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Most Major Medical Centers Offer Mind-Body Modalities. Here are a few:

    NYU Langone, New York, NY

    Cleveland Clinic

    Mayo Clinic


    At the National Institute of Health, research programs investigate the future of healthcare:


    National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health


    European health practitioners recognize the value of integrative approaches, and have a strong tradition of supporting alternative healing modalities:


    UK Healing Centres Charitable Trust:The Healing Trust



    Advanced Energy Healing as practiced by a Brennan Healing Practitioner is designed to encourage and assist in reclaiming your natural self-healing abilities, by promoting new neural pathways to be created in the brain, enabling one to change and heal.


    More information on the intersection of consciousness, spirituality and healing can be found here:


    consciousness-based medicine


    Institute for Spirituality & Healthcare, Princeton, NJ



    According to a recent survey, nearly one third of conventional primary care visits last less than 10 minutes.


    Time and attention is required to address all the key factors that influence your total wellbeing--body, soul and spirit. Advanced Energy Healing gives you time and space for transformation.

  • Experience a Healing Session

    Every Session as Unique as You

    The Healing Experience

    When does a session begin? A subtle but real shift can occur soon as you commit to creating the time and space for your personal well being.


    The day of our session, I connect in with you in meditation, and then set the sacred space of the healing room with you in mind.


    When you arrive, we briefly speak about the current state of your being, and then you lie on the healing table, fully clothed, with your eyes closed.


    I use a light hands-on touch, and also work totally ‘off the body’ if you prefer.


    During the healing, you may feel mild sensations, notice emotions or memories arising, or connect with spiritual realms. You may fall asleep, or review your to-do list.


    Beneath your linear mind, you are absorbing restorative vibrational energies and brain wave patterns, under the loving guidance of your higher self.


    Often clients report a delayed response to the session, only fully appreciating the shifts as they occur days or weeks later.


    Proper self-care after a session includes hydration and loving kindness towards oneself, as well as a good night's sleep and minimal use of mind-altering substances for the first 24 hours.

    Clearing, Renewing, Recalling

    The Auric Dimension

    The auric dimension is the most accessible part of your subtle non-physical energy field. This multi-faceted realm holds your emotional, mental, and will forces, which together create the 'personal you.'


    Old beliefs about self and reality may get entangled and are difficult to shift on your own. This manifests in feeling 'stuck' in old patterns of behavior, thinking and emotions that no longer serve your highest self.


    Eventually, if not released and resolved, distortions in the subtle bodies may result in chronic physical pain and emotional limitations.


    Bankock Temple Complex 2011

    Aligning with Your Deepest Intention

    The Haric Dimension

    When your Intention is clearly aligned with your soul’s purpose, you know what to do. Action becomes effortless as you move toward manifesting your deepest desires.


    Compared to your Aura, the Dimension of Intentionality may appear impersonal, beyond feeling and thought.


    You may have felt times when the power of your intention is precisely attuned to your heart's desire. You are 'in the zone,' and you effortlessly manifest your highest good in the moment.


    Successful athletes and artists know the necessity of letting go of life's 'noise' so that they can refocus, again and again, on what matters most.


    Intention Alignments are powerful healings that work to strengthen and support you to allow your life’s purpose to manifest with joy.

    Reclaiming Pure Essence

    Your Eternal Essential Self

    Remembering who you are.


    That you are whole, right now, in this very moment, where nothing is wrong, and there is nothing you need to do.


    You are a spiritual being living the extraordinary experience of an ensouled physical form here on Planet Earth.


    Reclaim your pure essence.


    Love being alive.

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